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Yoga ball

This class incorporates yoga postures together with the strengthening benefits of the ball. Not only is it a great core workout but it also enables you to stabilize and work deeper layers of muscle. Most of these muscles are underused, resulting in the most common injuries of the knee, ankle, shoulder or back. Using the support of the ball also makes inverted poses and back bends more accessible. This class is appropriate for all levels of practice.




Michael approaches each yoga class that he teaches with a fresh & generous perspective, even after his many decades of experience.

He gives wonderful hands on adjustments and is both gentle and intense in his teaching. I enthusiastically recommend this authentic teacher.

Joy N.
Joyful Yoga Studio
Truro, Nova Scotia



Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his yoga classes. He is an excellent teacher. His ability to adapt his teaching to the variety of needs presented by his students, building on their strengths and helping them with their weaknesses keep his classes interesting and challenging.

After attending his classes for over ten years, I'm always impressed with the variety of poses he presents in every class.

His sense of humor and his relaxed easy manner added to the enjoyment of his classes.
Marilyn Bailey


It's about You

We've come to know, love an respect you as our yoga instructor and we're going to miss you terribly. We've vowed to continue with Yoga. However our challenge will be to recognize and appreciate the gifts of a different instructor. Your patience, gentleness, understanding ,good humor, dedication, knowledge,caring and expertise make you a hard act to follow.

Adele. Clark, Mary Anne, Venning and Sandra