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Yoga Challenge

All I can say is “what a week!!!” I did all the classes except Tuesday morning when I had to go for service appointment for my car. Here are some of my thoughts:
-  The class I look forward to the most and I find it so entertaining: “Yoga on the ball” 
-  The class I don’t want to miss: “Body rolling” 
-  The class that I started to love: “Qigong” (especially in the evening) 
-  The class that was a nice surprise and I like it (unfortunately I missed it on Tuesday): “Stretch band yoga” 
-  The class that is a classic and one should always attend: “Restore and align” 
-  The class that is a nice add on: “Hatha yoga” 
-  The class that is new and still have to figure out: “Chill yoga” (love different poses like “pigeon” etc.), and finally 
-  New kid on the block “Standing yoga” (enjoyable, but hard to do in the evening after Yoga on the ball). 

I think I’ve got them all…
And as you said, at each class I discover something new, some better position, new angle, new muscles… When choosing which class to attend it comes down to my availability at a specific time of the day. I plan on playing golf and
sailing when allowed, summer is so short.

I think the attendance at classes is outstanding, self isolation is working well…
Thank you so much for helping me to discover world of yoga, I think I learnt last week more than ever!!!! 

Cheers Dragan - May 2, 2020

Yoga ball

This class incorporates yoga postures together with the strengthening benefits of the ball. Not only is it a great core workout but it also enables you to stabilize and work deeper layers of muscle. Most of these muscles are underused, resulting in the most common injuries of the knee, ankle, shoulder or back. Using the support of the ball also makes inverted poses and back bends more accessible. This class is appropriate for all levels of practice.